Reimagine Your Supply Chain

Transportation within a supply chain is complex. It involves varying rates, different transport modalities, and a range of levels of quality and service. Set your company up for success by working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that can eliminate headaches and missed deadlines. As your 3PL provider, ODW Logistics takes a strategic approach to transportation and logistics planning through:

  • Optimization: maximize transportation savings by grouping orders
  • Consolidation: combine your freight with other clients for cost savings
  • Retail Compliance: remove the headaches and penalties for missed shipments

If you’re ready for a reimagined supply chain that increases your visibility, controls costs, and drives efficiency, fill out the form or call us directly at 614-549-5000.


Reduction in Freight Claims

ODW Logistics has reduced the number of freight claims for a food packaging company by 50%.


Reduced transportation costs

ODW Logistics delivered 10.9% savings in outbound transportation costs for participants in our Freight Consolidation program.

Advance Alongside the Latest Technology

Network Analysis

A transportation network analysis can help you find an ideal future state for your supply chain. Through our software, we can design several scenarios to optimize your supply chain. We look at transportation modes, freight optimization, and speed-to-market as factors that go into our analysis. We baseline your current supply chain and present new “what-if” scenarios from a cost-to-serve perspective. The result is discovering opportunities within your supply chain and adjusting your network to deliver enhanced service and cost reductions.

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Transportation Planning

One shipment to every order can be costly. Our team and transportation management software (TMS) enable dynamic, same-day optimization that results in smarter shipping solutions. Order frequencies can drive significant cost and service improvements, and our dedicated transportation management team designs solutions and provides real-time feedback.

Transportation Management Portal

Our online web portal provides seamless supply chain visibility into every order, breadcrumb tracking, cost details, real-time alerts, KPIs, and reporting metrics at your fingertips. Our TMS integrates into your business systems via an application programming